Have you ever used a wiki before?

If not, click on the link to the right to watch a short video which explains the basics - "Wikis in plain English"
Each student has their own account as a member of this wiki.
You can edit most pages by clicking the 'Edit' button at the top of the page. This opens the page in the editor and shows the toolbar.
This works just like the toolbar in common word processors such as Microsoft Word.
  • Hyperlinks can be added by selecting some text and clicking the "Link" button.
  • Images and files can be added with the "File" button.
  • Videos and other fun items and features can be added using the "Widget" button.

Please sign off every comment you make with 4 tilde symbols (~) this is done by holding 'SHIFT' and pressing the key directly below the escape key at the top left hand side of your keyboard.
This signs off your work with your name and the time it was added.- jfgcah jfgcah Jan 14, 2012

To show that you have read these instructions, please leave a short comment below, signed off using the tilde key. Thank you. - jfgcah jfgcah Jan 14, 2012

Now go to the page what does percent mean?