Welcome to your Percentage Project.

You can chose your working groups - each group must have 3 to 5 students

Join a team by adding your name below -

Team example
Mrs Humphries

Team 1
Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5
(add extra teams if necessary)

As long as tasks are being completed and you are working sensibly without disturbing those around you, you may chose whether to work in the library,
the outside undercover area, the computer lab or the classroom.

Groups who abuse this privilege, by being disruptive or repeatedly displaying off task behaviour, will be re-assigned.

Each group has a number of project pages.

  • Home
  • Worksheet
  • Answer keys
  • Video Ideas

The home page is a "presentation" page - therefore it should be neat and well presented.
This is where you will upload your video and link to your worksheet for the rest of the class to access.
More information can be found here - video task and video example.
Before you get started you may like to have a look at some of the wikispaces tutorials, these can be found at wiki-tour
I recommend that you begin with the projects introduction video.

This is also "presentation" page.
Use this page to put together a worksheet to accompany your video.
Your finished worksheet will contain 10 real life based percentage questions which relate to your video.
Your home page should contain a link to your worksheet page.
There should be a link on your worksheet which connects to your answer key page.
More information can be found here - worksheet task and worksheet example
(See project navigation for help on how to create links between pages)

This will also be a "presentation" page.
Create your answer key here - this will have the answers and workings out for the 10 questions in your worksheet.
This is what the rest of the class will use to mark their work.
The answer key pages of each wiki will be locked, this means they can only be seen by myself and the members of the Team.
The answer key pages will be unlocked once you have all completed a worksheet produced by a different team.
Providing a student from another team with access to your answer key is not permitted.
More information can be found here - Answer key example

This is a "drafting" page. Use this project page to put together your ideas, storyboard and script for a video which explains an aspect of percentages.
More information can be found here - video task , how to upload your video and video example

These team pages can be found at the very top of the navigation menu - Projects.


You can use the comments feature to communicate online about your wiki, for example, to suggest changes.

An example of a completed project can be found here.

The class discussion board can be found here.

You can use the assessment rubric to see how your work will be evaluated.