Percent is a part of our daily lives. Whether shopping, working, or playing sports, you have used percentages.

Have a look on the internet, go to the library and flick through a newspaper, book or magazine, keep your eyes open the next time you go grocery shopping or to the mall. See how many different examples you can find of percentages in everyday life.

Find as many examples of percentages in everyday life as you can.

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Percentages are used in tests at schools so we can easily see whether a student has done well, or not so well.
For example, if Jane says " I scored 12 in my maths test", we don't know whether she did well or not, because we dont know whether she got 12 out of a possible 15 points or 12 out of 70. If Jane says "I scored 80% on my test", we know she has done very well.
- jfgcah jfgcah Feb 4, 2012

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Percentages can be used to tell us what part of a particular food belongs to each food group. For example this label tells us that 1% or only 1 in every hundren parts of the food contains fat. It is a low fat food. This helps us to make healthy eating choices.
- jfgcah jfgcah Feb 4, 2012

Try to explain WHY we would use percentage.

Next you are going to create some percentage questions using real life examples.