Now have a go at these online quizzes.

They are very similar to the previous questions, however they have more detail about the everyday life situation. This is to help you to understand why and how you might use percentages in the real world.

Percents of numbers - word problems
Solve percent equations - word problems

Sometimes these longer questions seem harder. If you are having trouble, first try to focus on finding the the part, the whole and the percent. It might help to write down a blank dual number line


Or maybe write down p = ..., w = ... and % = .... Fill in the spaces as you go and this may help to make the question clearer.

You could then use the percentage wheel to work out the formula.


Create a real life percentage question
This can be either a missing part, a missing whole or a missing percentage question, but do not say which type.
Upload your real life percentage question here.
Have a look at other students’ questions.
For at least one question, work out the answer and type it as a comment underneath.

Okay, now you are ready to start your group project.