To create an image
  1. Go to percentage paint
  2. Colour in lines to represent the percentage value you are looking for, eg 10 squares to represent 10%.ctrl_print.gif
  3. To make a copy, hold down both the control <Ctrl> and the <Print Screen> keys on your keyboard
  4. Open the program Paintpaint.jpg
  5. To paste your picture, hold down both the control <Ctrl> and the <v> keys on your keyboardctrl_v.jpg
  6. Save the image as a .jpeg file
  7. save_as_jpeg.jpg
  8. Open your picture using right mouse button>open with>Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  9. Select <edit picture> on the toolbar and then select <crop> and crop the picture so you cant see anything except your percentage square.
  10. Save your changes.
  11. Go to the wiki page Task 1, Upload your image and question here
  12. Open the page for editing, using the edit button.
  13. Click on the file icon.
  14. Click on upload, then browse to find your picture.
  15. Once the picture has uploaded, click on it and it should load to the page.
  16. Type a description underneath, and sign off using the tilde key (see Getting started)